Customised Design for Each Project:

  • The constituents in the wastewater can be removed using physical, chemical and/or biological means.
  • Each methods could be designed in a variety of combination, across the different stages of treatment process:
    1. Primary Treatment,
    2. Secondary Treatment,
    3. Tertiary Treatment, and
    4. Sludge Management
  • Objective: To achieve an efficient and reliable system in producing consistently high quality effluent.


Primary Treatment

  • All aspects of physical treatment processes including screening, oil separation, sedimentation and Dissolved Air Flotation.
  • Chemical treatment processes including coagulation/flocculation, precipitation and oxidation/reduction.


Secondary Treatment

  • Removal of biodegradable organic compound through an aerobic treatment tank coupled with fine bubble diffusers for energy savings.


Tertiary Treatment

  • Tertiary treatment and polishing processes which include further clarification, chlorination, Ozone treatment, UV light disinfection, activated carbon adsorption, filtrations and/or Reverse Osmosis (RO).


Sludge Management

  • Sludge thickening and dewatering by drum thickener, belt press, filter press, screw press and/or decanter centrifuge.
  • Extended aeration activated sludge process.